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The Blue Key

2009-07-02 22:06:34 by Youneedthebluekey

Seein as though none of u guys has teh blue key, Im makin a game where u get teh blue key finally.

My new Preloader!

2009-06-21 04:25:43 by Youneedthebluekey

I have made a new preloader!!!
If you want it, pm me!

My new Preloader!

Make way, Sprites!

2009-06-20 03:24:00 by Youneedthebluekey

Make way, sprites!

The age of characters with no bodies is upon us!!!

Make way, Sprites!

Too late!

2009-06-12 08:30:12 by Youneedthebluekey

You're too late for the prize the movie's already submitted!

New Movie

2009-06-12 05:25:35 by Youneedthebluekey

I am making a new movie- if you can guess what its about ten i will vote 5 on all of your submissions every day for 5 days.

Turtle 2

2009-06-09 07:10:02 by Youneedthebluekey

The Awesome Turtle 2 made it thru???

Turtle also Swords

2009-06-02 02:57:18 by Youneedthebluekey

I cant believe The Awesome Turtle actually made it thru!!!
It was a joke!!!

Im making a tutorial on how to draw some frickin awesome swords in flash!

E-Sheep Episode 4

2009-05-29 21:06:27 by Youneedthebluekey

E-Sheep Episode 4 is well underway!!!
It will probably be finished by tomorrow or later today.
It involves Space Invaders and Mysterious Fruit!!!